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Acroprint 175 /Lathem 5000E/Simplex Patriot Electronic Clock Used / Refurbished

We have listed these 3 clocks in one listing because they are exactly the same clock. Only the name on the case is different

* This a heavy duty and reliable electronic payroll and job cost time clock .

* Can be programmed for up to 5 alpha numerical characters. Example: MAINT JUL 23 12:30pm

* Manual or automatic print (right or left side)

* Programmable imprint selection: day or date; AM/PM or 0-23 hour, minutes, tenths or hundreths.

* 3-6 digit number (various combinations available.

One year warranty parts and labor.

Acroprint175RecondRegular price: $375.00Sale price: $179.00

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Battery backup for Acroprint ATT310 & 175Battery backup for Acroprint ATT310 & 175Allows Acroprint ATT 310 and Acroprint 175 to print with no power. Fully functional when electric is off

Battery-backup-att-175Regular price: $59.00Sale price: $29.00