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*SUPER SPECIAL* Amano EX9000 Electronic Time Clock Reconditioned $399.00

One year warranty parts and labor.

Semi-automatic electronic payroll time clocks handle weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay periods. Permits use of your existing time cards. Automatic adjustment of daylight savings time.


Across the card printing.

Manual In - Out column shifting.

Dot matrix printing.

Easy to replace ribbon cartridge.

Adjustable card pocket.

Registers day or date, 1-12 or 0-23 hours.

Selectable imprint for minutes, tenths or hundreths.

Can be set up to print 0-23 hours and hundreths for direct subtraction of the IN'S and OUT'S in a calculator to obtain the hours worked. Allows employees to be paid to the exact minute with no rounding off.

Replaces traditional timeclocks like Simplex 5000H


Fully Automatic with time signal system.

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New EX9500 fully automatic with signal control fulautwitsigRegular price: $1,295.00Sale price: $895.00
Weekly Time Cards Weekly_time_cardsRegular price: $69.00Sale price: $54.00Please enter the make and model of your time clock :(Ex Amano PIX 15 ) :
Lathem 25 capacity plastic expandable time card rack Lathem 25 capacity plastic expandable time card rack Specify time card size when checking out.

Lathem's new 25-pocket expanding time card rack conveniently holds any standard time card. Collapsed rack expands for easy wall mounting. Racks can be combined, or excess pockets can be removed to fit any size company. Holds any standard cards 9" high and up to 4" wide. Durable black plastic construction resists damage and maintains an attractive appearance in even the harshest environments. Includes pocket number labels and mounting hardware.

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