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Used / Refurbished  Amano PIX 3000 Heavy Duty Electronic Time Clock $249.00

One year warranty parts and labor.

Full power reserve---will punch when power out

* This is the heaviest duty and most reliable electronic payroll and job cost time clock made by anyone.

* Full power reserve keeps clock fully operational for 72 hours or 400 punches.

* Can be programmed for up to 5 alpha numerical characters. Example: MAINT JUL 23 12:30pm

* Manual or automatic print (right or left side)

* Programmable imprint selection: day or date; AM/PM or 0-23 hour, minutes, tenths or hundreths.

* Can also be set to print seconds for brokerage validation usage.

* 3-6 digit number (various combinations available.


OPTIONAL: Time signal output, maximum 20 times per day. ($230.00 additional)

amanopix3000-newRegular price: $544.00Sale price: $249.00Set as : 

Optional add to PIX3000 time signal control PIX3000-signalRegular price: $245.00Sale price: $245.00
Lathem 25 capacity expandable -plastic time card rack for 7" time cardsLathem 25 capacity expandable -plastic time card rack for 7" time cards
257EX-card-rackRegular price: $42.00Sale price: $29.00