Amano MJR7000EZ  Used / Refurbished $699.00

Amano MJR 7000EZ and Cinn MJR8100

These clocks are the same as the MJR7000 but have multiple shift capability where different rules apply to different employees.

Up to 3 different shifts.

Can simultaneously handle different pay periods( weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)

They also have perpetual daylight savings time (Standard MJR7000 and MJR8000 must have dates manually input an annually).

These are refurbished and are like new with same warranty as new clocks.

One year warranty parts and labor.

Automatic time clock calculates hours worked.

100 employee capacity.

Amano produces time clocks that are very easy to program, but we will still pre-program it for you so that when you receive your time clock you will be able to start using it immediately.

Computes hours worked, separates regular and overtime.

Programmable to round time clock In - OUT punches if desired.

Automatic preset deduction if time clock not punched at lunch times or breaks.

Stand alone time clock, does not interface to PC.

Automatic daylight savings time clock

Amano timeclocks always in stock and available for same day shipment if order placed before 12:00 PM CST.

OPTIONAL: Bell ringer .

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