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The PIX 200 is an all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp

*Automatic setting by radio control

*Automatic daylight savings adjustment

*Large, easy to read digital display.

*Ribbon ink capacity guage.

*Battery backup retains memory and settings.

*Can print year (2 or 4 digit), month, day, date, hour (AM-PM or 0-23), minutes (regular, tenths or hundreths), seconds, 8 digit number and comments

*13 selectable comments (RCVD, SENT, etc.)

*Customized custom imprint (up to 3 lines)

*Consecutive numbering with automatic reset function

*Slide lever for print adjustment.

** OPTIONAL: Bell ringer for starting times, coffee breaks, etc. (up to 20 rings per day)

* One year warranty parts and labor.

Amano PIX200 PIX 200 $360.00 Atomic Time Clock Amano_PIX200Regular price: $399.00Sale price: $360.00

Amano PIX 200 with bell ringer PIX200_withsignalRegular price: $499.00Sale price: $449.00
Open box Amano PIX 200New clock, just open box. One year warranty parts & labor