**NO LONGER AVAILABLE***Used Refurbished Lathem PC50  Express RFID Proximity badge system $259

Product Description:

PayClock Express is an all-new state-of-the-art system that uses proximity technology to instantly identify employees. Designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees. Lathem’s PayClock time and attendance system automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. Employees punch in and out at the terminal with a proximity badge. A large display and internal speaker provide employees instant feedback of their in/out status.


Visual punch acceptance is shown when Lathem oval glows green or red. Self-contained design allows employees to punch in and out without directly accessing the host computer. While idle, the backlit liquid crystal display shows the current time and date in large easy to read characters. Each employee’s name, in/out status, and total hours for the pay period are displayed after each successful punch. Provides support for 50 employees and can be upgraded / expanded to handle departments and up to 150 employees as your company grows.

Automatically calculates Regular hours and two levels of Overtime to the exact minute or rounded to the nearest quarter or tenth of an hour.

Supports virtually all weekly, biweekly, semimonthly pay periods.

Track Sick, Vacation, Personal and Other time off.

Can export data to Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks and others.


Payclock Express Software CD Rom

15 Badges

15 Ft. USB Cable

All Mounting hardware

Lathem-PC50Regular price: $499.00Sale price: $259.00

PC50-PC60 and PC600 badges pack of 15Pack of 15 additional badges.

PC600-badgesRegular price: $75.00Sale price: $60.00