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Refurbished Lathem 4000/4200  DWA Time Clock with Time Signal Control

Lathem 4000 time clocks are considered as "standard" by thousands of businesses and institutions because of their low initial cost and years of proven trouble-free operation. Available with a wide variety of print options.

A wide selection of registrations is available including: day-of-week or month-and-date; standard 1-12 hours or continental hours (0-23); minutes (00-59) tenths or hundreths.

Self reversing ribbon.

The 4000 DWA is a model 4000n with time signal control. Available with the same print configurations as the standard model time clock, the DWA model time clock provides a 10 amp dry contact to control the sounding of bells or horns. A weekly schedule with up to 32 signals per day can be programmed using the internal keypad. Programs can be changed easily, and are protected for up to 15 days if power is interrupted.

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Click to enlarge4200 DWA Time Clock with Bellringer Refurbished Reconditioned
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