Simplex 100 / 125  Electronic time clock- Reconditioned

Simplex 125. Same as Simplex 100 but does not have bell ringing capability.

This model can ring bells for coffee breaks and lunch.

A great product either way you look at it: as a time clock. Or, as a time/date stamp. As a clock, it's ideal for time recording, job costing and dispatching. As a time/date stamp, it will imprint your time-sensitive documents and receipts with the correct time, date and any other standard data. You can choose the print format and time display. You can set it to number documents and customize comments. You can even set it up to interface with a master clock and ring bells. Not too much to ask. (And the same could be said of the cost.)

Battery backup for power failures.

Automatic daylight savings time adjustment.


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